Just got home from the Ronald McDonald Gala and was reminded again why stories matter: saw the best and worst image, ever¦A mom with her newborn baby (best image because she obviously loved her daughter more than life) and worst image because at two weeks, the little one had a breathing tube in her. And I thought how frightening it must be to have this tiny life in your hands, to have loved and dreamed of your baby before she was even born, and then to feel so helpless because she’s sick and there’s nothing you can do except trust the doctors.

Thank God for places like RMH where out of town families can stay while their children are being treated. Thank God for RMH, where they love you like you’re kin and they do all kinds of work like putting together an anthology to tell your story, and investing long hours in order to host Galas like the one tonight to raise funds for parents & children.

If you have a chance to be part of this amazing charity, please take the opportunity.

In the meantime, thank you to fellow authors Charmaine Hammond, Chynna Laird, Leanne Power, Debby Waldman, & Candace Weimer for contributing their immense talents to the œMy Ronald McDonal House anthology, and thank you to Nicola Pringle for her amazing illustrations. And a very special thank you to the Schock Family for allowing me the privilege of telling their story œStrolling to Hope.