So, usually, Mechanics Monday means some kind of grammar post…today, however, it takes on a literal meaning.

I’m hanging out with some amazing authors here in Fort Mac, and thanks to the generous support of Suncor, we’re visiting schools and meeting fantastic students & staff (shout out to Timberlea School! You guys were awesome!!).

Yesterday, I arrived and checked into the hotel, and finding the room a little chilly, requested a blanket…of course, it turned out I’d read the heater wrong, so while I HAD turned up the temperature, I’d actually turned on the cool air…but anyway, the night clerk arrives…I check the peephole and verify…then I open the door.


I TRY to open the door, but I can’t get the lock to unlock. It takes me forever to open it, and when I do, the night clerk, blinks, then starts laughing–can’t catch his breath, barely get his words out, shoulders shaking–laughing, and finally manages to gasp, “Well, I guess if you can’t get out, no one can get in.”