I’m really going to miss Fort McMurray and not just because of the amazing students and teachers (**shout out to everyone at Beacon Hill!) but there are some really yummy places to eat. I’ll definitely be heading back to Mitchell’s to grab more cookies. Their cranberry chicken salad sandwich was heaven!

But it’s not just the culinary hot spots I’m learning about, other things I’ve learned while in Fort Mac:

  • My suitcase alone weighs 20 pounds
  • The idea that flat shoes are better for your feet then shoes with high heels only works if your flats have actual support
  • The big thing in my hotel room is not just a random vent, but the furnace & air conditioner, so if I’m cold, that’s the thing to adjust (and not wander aimlessly about wondering where the thermastat is on the wall)
  • You better had learn your navigation because if you take a wrong turn on the highway, it might be a good long while before you can turn back again
  • A lightweight laptop and tablet are only light to large lumbering men named Bruno. For the rest of us, lugging both those suckers around is a massage therapist’s dream