Poor Stephen Harper, one off the cuff remark about the NDP & 1939 Germany and the Twitterverse has taken him to task, with hilarious results! (Oh, and thanks to all the soldiers who fought and died, and continue to fight for our freedom to criticize our government.  Go Canada!)

The NDP refused to sign the Magna Carta #HarperHistory Sean Ross

The #NDP fiddled while Rome burned. #HarperHistory Greg Burrell

“The NDP refused to come to the aid of men when Mordor invaded Gondor.” #HarperHistory Karl Belanger

#HarperHistory The NDP continue to stand by and do nothing while we all live in the matrix Jeremy Wallace

It was really the NDP that helped organize the stampede that killed Mufasa in The Lion King. (Don’t tell Simba) #harperhistory Jagmeet Singh