I wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about with Thursday’s post, so I opted for silence over meaningless ramblings.

In Friday furries, though, some great news!  My neighbour is redoing the pad in his garage, which has meant a whole lot of jackhammering, whining tools, and noise that lasts all day. Why is this great news? Because Murphy actually ATE with all of this going on!

For those who don’t know, Murphy & his brother, Milo, were rescued from a farm. The tenants who rented the land would hide the puppies because the farmer had this habit of shooting or drowning the dogs.

Yeah, not kidding.

So (my hypothesis) is that whenever the farmer came around to do work (cue motors & noise), the renters would freak and hide the dogs.  I think it must have been a terrible way to live, and I think my sweet Murphy took the lesson to heart. Whenever he hears snow blowers, lawnmowers, he goes into panic mode and shakes, drools.

We’ve done a lot of work with this little guy and four years of training seems to have helped. He’s not as nonchalant as Milo, Gus, or Remi, but the fact that he was okay to eat his lunch and didn’t have any tummy upset this week is cause for HUGE celebrations!