With it being May, today my husband decided to clean up the BBQ* in preparation for a summer of burgers and grilled shrimp. Instead of a charred grill, however, he found this:




Yep, we have a family of squirrels living in our BBQ! 

The family is safe and secure and living in a warm cozy nest the size of our BBQ grill.  A phone call to Wildlife Rescue & The Nature Center assured us it was okay to leave the babies in there until they were grown (we weren’t sure if the unusual homestead presented any kind of problem).  The babies are almost fully grown and we should have our BBQ back by the end of June.

The debate remains as to whether we take back the BBQ or buy a new one and leave this one for Momma Squirrel.  In the meantime, we’re paying close attention when the dogs are outside to make sure they don’t disturb the little ones¦

*Special thanks to Mr. Milo for alerting us to the BBQ in the first place by standing on his hind legs and trying to push the top off!

April 2012 002