How cool is that?

Fresh Fiction picked What Happens in Vegas as their Fresh Pick:

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It’s not that Binda Morningstar’s an idiot”the girl’s got more degrees than a thermometer”but there’s something about a crisis that makes her lose her mind¦and accidentally injure anyone within a ten-foot radius. But if she’s going to rescue her boss from a cursed jewel, she’s going to have to keep it together.

Unfortunately for her, the cop on the case, Corin Hawthorne, has her losing her mind and her heart¦and if he gets any more drool-worthy, she’s going to lose her inhibitions, too.

To save her boss and win her man, she’s got to out run a mobster, out wit the YIFFS at a sex-fetish convention, and out think an ex-wife”and she’s got to do it all without breaking an arm or inadvertently hitting anyone with pepper spray¦it’s all got Binda hoping that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.