Watched Dark Knight Rises (squeal!) last night and was once again reminded of how art and life don’t always coincide…in the scene where the inmates are released from prison, the vast majority of the men pouring out of the building are White, but studies suggest that while 1 in 45 White males are incarcerated, it’s 1 in 11 for Blacks.

The scene certainly didn’t affect my enjoyment of the movie, but it did remind me once again that as a writer, the story isn’t always going to be about being as realistic as possible, but rather about bringing a message/entertaining the audience.

Random bit of trivia: the Batman franchise almost had to scratch the motorcycle design because they couldn’t find a stuntman who was able to balance and ride. In the end, there was only ONE guy they found, which tells you what an incredible thing the bike scenes are…I wonder if it’s the same story behind the woman who rode as Catwoman’s stand-in….