Big thanks to the Young Alberta Book Society for donating a copy of Tololwa M. Mollel’s picture book “Subira, Subira”: When Tatu finds she can do nothing to improve her little brother’s hateful behavior and make him happy again, she goes to an old spirit woman for help. The spirit woman tells Tatu that to cure Maulidi, she must pluck three whiskers from a lion! Armed only with a song, Tatu steals out into the moonlit night to undertake her impossible taskĀ¦http//
They also donated Dianne Linden’s GG nominated (and I think it won a silver medal) “Shimmerdogs,” a novel CM magazine called “a plea to parents to pay attention; it is catharsis for children who may feel ignored. Above all, it is a story of a brave little boy in difficult circumstances coping as best he can. ”