Matchbox 20 took over one of the channels on Sirius to do a play-by-play of their new album.  The thing most interesting to me was the story behind either the first or second track (I can’t remember now). but Rob Thomas said that when they came together to get the album finished, they found it was important to set challenges or the work would never get done.

So, with the 1st or 2nd track, they chose a chord/chord progression and lay down the challenge of writing a song built around it¦I found this interesting (and encouraging).  Too often, when I look at the artists who make it”who produce steady, quality work”I tend to think they must be blessed with an extra helping of talent or inspiration.

Matchbox 20 was a good reminder that 99% of the time, our inspiration won’t get us anywhere. Instead, it’s sitting down, setting a challenge, then sweating until we’ve met our goal.