OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMG–what is going wrong with my brain?!

I’ve managed to finish Finding Home, The Secret Keeper, & The Rumple Affair…good, right?


So, I decide to take a week off (well, sort of. A week from writing, but I still had lesson planning, administration, emails, planning for 2013 to do)…still it’s a week, it’s a break…so why–WHY–am I now in Day 10 with no writing?

I haven’t a clue…RA I can’t edit because while I know something’s wrong, I don’t know what that something is…FH & TSK are out with Betas so they’re out of the swing…but what is going wrong with the synapses that I seem incapable of doing any writing?

I even tried to redo Cowgirl with no luck (and to add salt on that wound, it’s only been sitting there for 4 years! Ick. So gross). Ditto with Princess.

Am I lazy? Undisciplined? Is it that my brain wants a real break, a week of doing nothing? (If so, I hasten to remind the grey matter that we’re due for a vacation on the 18th)…sigh…I don’t know what’s going wrong and because I don’t know what it is, I haven’t a clue how to fix it…

So frustrating…