Another universal reminder about the nature of writing…I had to go into St. Albert for an appointment–no biggie, it’s a 1/2 hour drive.

However, coming home was a completely different story. A snowstorm hit the city and left me in white-out conditions. I can’t see more than a car length in front of me, there ‘s no horizon because the sky and ground are the same washed out grey color, thick snow’s falling–pushed sideways by the wind, my back windshield is covered, snow’s blocking the side windows, my windshield wipers are freezing on the glass…

And I was scared but not terrified, which was an odd thing for me. You’d think I’d have been freaked out of my mind, but I kept thinking, as long as I can see something I’m okay–I could (sort of) make out the van in front of me and I could see the tracks on the road from the other vehicles, and I realized I didn’t have to see everything, I just had to see enough to keep me moving.

It’s kind of like the writing industry. There are so many shifting changes. Agencies are going into publishing, publishers are closing their doors, Amazon keeps changing the rules–the result is a lot of blowing wind & flying debris, and for most of us writers, no one knows what the landscape will look like when it all dies down.

But I don’t think we need to know. I think all we need to keep doing is writing. Just a page, just a word or two, just enough to keep us moving in the direction of our dreams.