In three weeks, I’ll be opening my mouth and taking a big bite of the Writer in Residence apple. I’m excited & terrified, which is only right.¬† The excitement should be there, but so should the terror.

I’m about to hold people’s manuscripts and writing dreams in my hands, and that’s no small thing. Yesterday, I had a chance to talk with Heather McIntyre from Metro News & Dale Boyd from the Edmonton Examiner, and both had the same question, “Why did you apply for this job?”

My answer was simple: because writing is hard, because rejection is brutal, because this is an industry that will not just test your aptitude but your attitude, as well.

Writing is a magnifying glass that exposes your strengths and weaknesses, that makes you question justhow much do you want to finish that book, to be published, to be…anything you said you’d be.

So, why did I want to be one of the Metro Library’s WiR? Because I think success is a matter of skill, team, and self.

Skill – Through the year, there will be sessions on the mechanics & business of writing.

Team – I’m going to do my best to make sure writers¬† have a chance to meet and network with each other, to build a tribe that will give them support & deadlines, love and feedback.

Self – We’ll be talking about the transcendent nature of writing–how, if you know about character & plot, you can transition that knowledge to the real world and create the reality you want to live in, and be the person you hoped you could be.

It’s my triangle for success, not just in writing but in life: knowing what you need to do, surrounding yourself with people who’ll help you do it, and making sure you take care of yourself.

Bring on 2013, because I can’t wait to get to the core…