1) Who can come and see you?
Absolutely anyone! Whether you’re young or young at heart, my office is open to anyone who wants to talk about books and writing¦or share really bad puns. (One mushroom’s talking to the other and says, œI don’t get why she dumped me. After all, I’m a fun guy. Baahahaha! Get it? Get it? Fun guy”Fungi”fun”okay, I’ll stop, now¦)

2) Do I have to have writing to come and see you?
Nope. If you want to do some brainstorming, vent about a rejection, worry about a submission”talk about anything that’s on your mind”that’s fine. Book a time and come see me. For my office hours, see here.

3) What if I do have writing I want to talk about?
Yay! I love being able to read stories before they hit the shelves!  Send me 7-10 pages, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Then let’s book a time. When you come to see me, make sure you bring a copy of your pages so you can follow along.

4) So I should mail my work? What about email?
Either works. Snail mail me your seven pages (which to be honest, I prefer. I love the feeling of holding pages and the scritch-scratch of a pen on paper) to:

Natasha Deen
P.O. Box 73039
Hamptons PO
Edmonton, AB T5T 3X1

If you prefer, though, you can always email me your sample at regionalwir@gmail.com

If you’re a poet, then you can send up to 5 poems, but please do not exceed the 10 page maximum.

5) What if I’m really shy or have mobility issues? Can I only see you in person?
Not at all! If you have little ones and no babysitter, if it’s hard for you to get out, or if you just prefer phone calls, I’m available.  Let’s book a time and then we can chat! Phone me at 780-240-1194.

6) Will you put me in touch with a publisher, agent, or editor?
As a superhero in training, I’d love nothing more, but unfortunately, my super powers end at eating massive amounts of chocolate. What I can do, however, is show you resources where you can start your search.

7) What else should I know ?
It’s really important for you to understand two things:
First, I’m here to help. Please don’t feel shy or afraid to book time/ask questions/send in writing–this is a rough industry & like the little dinosaur* said, it’s better, together. Secondly, the writing industry is INCREDIBLY subjective.  I’ll give you my thoughts and suggestions, but you need to take them with a pound (not a grain) of salt. If what I’m saying resonates with you, keep my edits. If they don’t mesh with the vision you have for your work, then leave it by the wayside. At the end of the day, this is about your journey, your vision, and you need to do what’s right for you.

*Ducky (I think) from A Land Before Time.