The visit with Conni Massing & Curtis Gillespie on Saturday was amazing! Lots of information and  a ton of laughs!!

I thought other writers might be interested in some of the things they said about their process (right? The best way to learn you process is to hear about someone else’s…)

1) The question of paper or computer to draft their work.

Both Conni & Curtis use each method. Conni talked about the “moment” when an idea is worthy of its own journal, scribbling notes and lines between the pages, and then when the writing formally begins, to use her computer.

Curtis is a big computer guy (says he can barely read his hand writing) but for him, the paper stuff is a work in slowing down and being aware of what he’s doing.

2) How long does it take to come up with a draft of their work?

Conni’s average was 2-3 years, Curtis’ was 2-5 years.

3) How do they make time for their writing?

Conni: Writes first thing in the morning and does NOTHING else until she’s got her work in.

Curtis: Said it wasn’t about finding time because there’s always time. It’s about being disciplined to actually do it (which he is).