**As we’re trying to settle on one new head shot**

Me: Okay, there’s a red heart beside the ones I like best.

Mom: How come there are no hearts on the ones with you in pink?

Me: Uh, because I didn’t like them best.

Mom: I like 8739.

Me: **Scrolling through photos**  Wait. That’s me in pink.

Mom: Yeah.

Me: Do you see a heart beside it?

Mom: No.

Me: Why are you picking it then?

Mom: I’m not supposed to do that?

Me: **Wondering if she’s screwing with me because I can’t come home for Mother’s Day** Uh, no. You’re not supposed to. Pick one with the heart.

Mom: Oh. Okay.


Mom: I like 8732.

Me: Do you see a heart?

Mom: No.

Me: Then…?

Mom: Oh.


Mom: I like 8730.


Mom: But I like it.

Me: Pick. One. With. The. Heart.


**I wait. TENSELY.**

Mom: I like 8733.

Me: Is. There. A. Heart. On. That. One?

Mom: No.

**Me, realizing she’s enjoying this way too much……..**