I have a relative that’s a doctor and their path to success was firmly laid out: get good marks in school, go into university, do pre-med, get into med school, do the residency–>get a job.

In the publishing industry, there isn’t a clear path and what one author does that makes them successful may not work for another writer. When I was first starting out and unpublished, I took to asking authors two questions (1) To what do you attribute your success? (2) What’s your best advice for me?

This year, I’m taking those questions to video. I’ll be updating the page as I get into more videos. In the meantime, check out https://www.natashadeen.com/in-author-words/ to see what Judith Graves (In my Skin series) and Tyler Enfield (Madder Carmine) have to say about their path to publication.