When it comes to plotting, this is what I do.

Drink lots of tea and eat biscuits, and wonder why I think I can write.

No, no, wait, sorry, that’s just what I do all the time.

When it comes to plotting this is what I do.

  1. Get a piece of paper
  2. Draw a squiggly snake (or if I’m feeling particularly creative, a set of connected arrowheads)ANG1
  3. Then I write out what I think would be my first scene or imageANG3
  4. Then I think of what happens next…AND THEN this happens. The big thing here is the AND THENĀ *has* to be an action. It can’t be “and then she thinks of Roderick,” unless it’s “and then she thinks of Roderick andĀ goes to see him.ANG2
  5. I keep going until the only AND THEN left is “AND THEN, the end.”