Or so I remind myself as I boot up the computer and start another day, slogging through drafts, half-formed thoughts, and deleted sentences.

2vulfymcb5I often wonder about the process of other writers. For me, it’s not the hard toil of putting words to page that turns my sweat to tears. It’s the unrelenting fear that I’m doing it wrong. The words aren’t correct, the character isn’t three-dimensional or believable, the plot is unoriginal/faulty/ludicrous. Do other writers have these fears when they write or are they comfortable in the righteousness of their story, they are free to focus on the mechanics?

Writing is difficult for me. Telling a story is one of the hardest things I do. It takes me 10-12 drafts to complete what most writers can do in 4. I suppose that’s the most difficult things for writers”we’re subjective and individual on how we approach the craft”which is why the race really is to those who endure.