The writing has not been going well. Deleted pages, blank pages, no pages. It’s easy to get frustrated, to blow everything out of proportion, and to get discouraged.

That’s when having friends in the industry is such a help. One of my writing friends told me when the work threatens to overwhelm, and the anxieties grow, she takes a breath and says, “You’re not shipping syrup to the Serengeti.” As in, this isn’t life and death. As in, take it down a notch.

And not just that, but I have the best job in the world. I’m a professional storyteller. I make my living by living in my imagination. This is hard work, gruelling and boring at times, but it’s also blessed work…and when I come across a gorgeous photo like the one below, it’s a double reminder that we’re all foraging, all looking for the thing that gives us life and value and connection.

I’m not shipping syrup to the Serengeti, I’m not even hunting in the freezing cold. So how about if I take a breath and concentrate on the positives”to take joy in the *trying* rather than the *finishing*.

While my friend below hunts for their next meal, I’m going to do my part. I’m going to hunker down in my den and get some words in.

Photo courtesy of Ray Hennessy

Photo courtesy of Ray Hennessy

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