Photo credit: Greg Rakozy | @grakozy | Unsplash

This winter, Edmonton has experienced an unseasonable amount of balmy temperatures. So much so, the dog park has a thin ice warning at its entrance. Plus, dog walkers are walking with icers (spikes) on their feet as the combination of temperatures and wind makes for an ice rink rather than a snowy trail.

As I watch some of the walkers slip, slid, and shiver their way down the main path, I’m reminded of how important the proper equipment can be. Snow boots, mitts, thermals, etc. It’s amazing how the proper coat can turn dog walking from a chore into an activity you don’t want to end.

Writing, I feel, is the same way. The successful writer knows whether they best work with pen and paper, as opposed to keyboard and screen, whether they enjoy plotting via apps or index cards. No matter what the physical equipment, I can’t help but think that the mental equipment is what’s *really* necessary.

For me, it’s patience, understanding the industry will be difficult and heartbreaking (so don’t take it too hard when it’s difficult and heartbreaking), persistence, and a band of brothers”writers/friends/family who uplift me when the going gets tough and cheer me on when it’s a smooth ride.

No matter if you’re a panster or a plotter, a write-by-hand or a write-by-screen, make sure you give your metaphorical closet a good look, and ensure you have the right equipment inside.