Good. There, I’ve said it. Good. Good is a perfectly acceptable word. In many cases, it’s one of my favourite words. When I don’t like the word “good” is when it’s in the context of things that writers say. Like, “Can you read this and tell me if it’s any good?” or “Yeah, I don’t want to share. It’s not good.” In that context, “good” isn’t a descriptor, it’s a judgement, and a harsh one, at that. Of course, your story is good. Stop wondering about its value. Is it marketable? Does it need polishing? Can you do something to fix the plot holes? Yes, probably. Those are craft-based questions. Those are the questions a writer asks. As writers, we need to understand our work has value, and we need to stop self-sabatoging with that great, but four-letter word, good.