When I was a kid, I used to harass my parents *all the time* about taking over their stuff.
“Can I have your sweater?”
“Can I use your walkman?”
“Do you need the discman?”
Now, it’s my turn to show generosityā€¯my mom *super* wants my iPad (“Hey, honey, you’re upgrading, soon, right?” “Hey, sweetie, did you say you were going to get a new iPad?”), so now I’m pondering how to do this for her…
It’s a funny thing, when the circle begins to close itself, when you’re the one worrying about your parents being out for the night, when you’re the one giving them the safety advice, but for me, it’s a blessed place to be.
My parents spent my entire existence trying to make my life the best it could be. I’m grateful to return the favour.