In Another Life is a swift, fun read for those looking for suspense mixed with romance.

Chloe moves to Joyful, TX with her mom to reclaim/restart their lives (Chloe’s parents are divorced). It’s an excellent set up, new town, new school, new life…complications will ensue. Of course, complications are one thing, Cash Colton, is a complication of another sort, entirely.

Cash has his own issues (deadbeat dad, grifter lifestyle) but he’s trying to make amends and seek redemption, and his journey is helped by his foster parents…which brings its own complications, Cash is convinced Chloe is the daughter of his foster parents who was kidnapped as a small child.

When it comes to suspense, romance, and family dynamics, I think this is a great book for 14+ readers. It’s got enough sizzle and shock to keep them on the edges of their seats, but it’s kept age appropriate.

Chloe and Cash are realistic characters, true to the development stages of teenagers (which may irritate older readers as Chloe and Cash *definitely* filter through their teenage filters, a lot). The story shares space between both Chloe and Cash’s POV, which could prove jarring to some readers, but I felt it gave the story room to explore their individual motivations and build the tension between the characters.

In Another Life is a great mix of family dynamics, romance, and suspense. The plot’s pacing is swift, clues are dropped subtly (along with twists and turns to keep readers guessing).

If readers are looking for a fun, engaging read, In Another Life is a definite contender.