I’m working on a story for grades 3-6 and I was tracking my word-count-to-time-invested progress. By which I mean, I was writing and getting mad that an hour in, I was only at 225 words.

Then I had to remind myself of a few things

  1. There is no standard pacing when it comes to writing. Some days, the scene takes 10 minutes, some days it takes 10 hours.
  2. Writing shorter stories is an intense endeavour. As authors, we only have 5,000-7,000 words which means every word and action and thought has to count, which means there’s a lot of times we’re staring at the screen, trying to sort if we *really* need to say this thing or if we can skip it.
  3. There’s research in this story, so it’s not as though I’m solely writing. During the hour, I was also tracking down the information I needed, which eats time.

I find I can get so myopic with my writing”why isn’t it going faster/smoother/better. I’m glad I stopped today to ask myself what I was *really* doing, because it gave me a chance to see that even though the output may not look like much, there was a lot of input invested.