Moving Your Manuscript Forward “ A WGA Intensive with Natasha Deen

August 15th, 7-9 pm MDT & October 4th, 7-9 pm MDT
WGA Members: $150
Non-members $200
Maximum 12 participants

Are you looking to move your manuscript forward, but stuck or unsure of what your next steps should be? In our upcoming Move Your Manuscript Forward Intensive, Natasha Deen

will examine the importance of character development and the business of writing in two separate online workshops, followed by thirty-minute blue pencil sessions with each participant.

Participants may submit up to three pages of work (1500 words maximum, 1-inch margins, DOUBLE-spaced. Please submit your pages as a Word .docx file, saved as œLast Name_First Name) by August 8th. Participants are welcome to submit in any genre. This intensive is open to writers of any level; however, a finished draft will be an advantage.

Workshop 1 “ Character is Key: August 15th, 7-9 pm MDT (Online)

Story centers around character, their hopes, goals, triumphs, fears, and failures. Readers love a good character, but they’ll reread (and reread!) a great character. Join Natasha for the ten ways to deepen your character, and turn them from good to great.

Workshop 2 “ The Business of Writing: October 4th, 7-9 pm MDT (Online)

You’ve attended the query writing workshops, you’ve sat in on the editor and agent workshops, but the question”what’s required to turn a passion for writing from a hobby to career”lingers. Join Natasha for a candid discussion on what it takes to survive (and thrive) in the publishing industry.

Links for the online sessions and Blue Pencil SignUps (one thirty-minute session per participant, following each workshop) will be sent to you after receipt of payment.

Please contact Ashley Mann with any questions at