Been trying to take time off and catch up on reading, and came across a book that had a synopsis that had a man returning to purchase the estate he grew up on (as the caretaker’s son). He ends up starting a relationship with the realtor (who also happens to be the...

Well, Yuck.

Got a follower from Twitter, but when I clicked on her link it took me to a XXX porno site.  My poor computer. I feel like I need to scrub it down with high-grade cleaner and apologize profusely.

The more I hear about that Penn State coach & the cover-up, the angrier I get.

Things that drive me crazy about tele-seminars

Long-winded introductions about why the person is qualified to give the lecture (like 1/2 an hour’s worth). Vague speeches about how far they’ve come (“I went from making $18 dollars last year to making six figures and all from opening myself to the power of...

Of Komodo Dragons and Men

Been watching BBC’s Life series and there’s a section where Komodo dragons kill a water buffalo. Now, for those who haven’t seen it, they bite the buffalo and because the dragon’s bite is venomous, the buffalo dies. In three weeks. During this time, a pack of dragons...

Is It Just Me?

That gets annoyed with that pop up ad that talks about the “single, unemployed mom who makes $6000/month?”  Uh…maybe it’s just me, but if you’re making money, then how can you be considered unemployed?